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Don’t let damaged carpets or upholstery ruin the look of your home. Our team of carpet cleaning specialists have all the skills and equipment to free your carpet of any dirt, grit, stains or allergens. With years of experience behind us, we know just how to deliver you the absolute best results.

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Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services in Auckland

Whether you are vacating your home/office or hosting an event over there, there’s no going around getting it cleaned thoroughly. And if you do not have time or energy to do that, our domestic cleaning services can come in handy.

At Flash Cleaning, we utilize our 10 years of experience to clean your home or office in a quick, efficient manner. From carpets to upholstery to stove and floors, we can clean just about everything.

We can clean carpets, countertops and everything in between to make your property look great and smell nice. Although our cleaning services are comprehensive, they can be tailored to your needs, which means you will pay only for the areas that you want to be cleaned.

Home Cleaning Services in Auckland

A professionally cleaned home contributes significantly to your family’s health and overall wellbeing. Using advanced cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products, we can make your home dust and allergen-free in no time.

Most cleaning machines tend to irritate kids and scare the pets away to hide underneath the bed. But with our quieter cleaning operations, we make sure they are least disturbed and remain engaged in what they are doing.

Our domestic cleaning services touch every facet of your home, unless you want otherwise. If you want only a few areas to be cleaned, we can provide a tailor-made package to suit your needs and budget. You can book an appointment with us any day, anytime, as per your schedule.

Commercial Cleaning Company in Auckland

Commercial premises tend to get dirty easily as compared to an average household, due to the higher traffic ingress. Based on the size of your business and individual preference, Flash Cleaning can provide commercial cleaning services on a daily, weekly and one-off basis.

If you want your office to be cleaned before or after business hours in order to avoid any disruption to your operations, Flash Cleaning can help. Our experts will arrive one hour before or after your business hours to clean the entire space to the highest standard.

Investing in regular commercial cleaning can reap immense benefits in the long run. A clean work station will encourage your employees to work harder and will also leave a positive impact on your clients.

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Trusted Cleaners For Commecial Buildings & Office Cleaning Auckland

Apart from having a great many products and services in store for you, we at Flash Cleaning are one of the best and most professional services when it comes to office cleaning in Auckland. We happen to have a variety of services across the board for both renovated as well as newly constructed commercial buildings.

Rest assured that all of our cleaning services are at the very highest standards of professionalism and we cater to anyone and everyone across the board. Do feel free to get in touch with the best office cleaners for a free quote.


We pride ourselves on providing professional, reliable and trustworthy cleaning services that allow you to focus on other important matters. Leave all things cleaning to us! Flash Cleaning is the professional premium cleaning service that you can trust.

We have been in the cleaning industry for over 10 years! We specialize in move in/move out, carpet, home stove, builders cleaning, commercial, domestic or regular house cleaning

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