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Like everyone else, you are dedicated to providing a healthy and clean atmosphere in your commercial space. Well, that is a sign of a great entrepreneur. And regular cleaning of your workplace is important if you want your office to stay spotless and germ free. Obviously, a professional cleaning service is the answer to this task. And if we are guessing it right, you already have someone carry out this task for you. But if you are considering changing the cleaning company for some reasons, then you should definitely ask the new people some important questions before signing the dotted lines.

Ø  Very essential matters to discuss with the cleaning company when hiring them!

Different cleaning companies have distinct working policies. And all of them might not be entirely beneficial for you. That is why, when you are hiring Flash Cleaning for an office cleaning job, do ask them in detail about these important matters. They are without doubt the best team to handle your workplace cleaning with an experienced staff and up to date equipment. But get these answers from them first.

o   Do they provide a long-term contract? — Frequently changing your cleaning staff leads to lots of blunders in the task. That is why it’s always better to prefer a company that provides you a long-term contract. But obviously, for that, the company should provide you with this option.

o   Is there a cancellation policy? —You never know when the cleaning company might start giving you hiccups in their work. So, in such a case, cancelling the contract seems the wisest option. But for that do inquire if the company has a cancellation policy before signing the contract. And you will also have to study this policy in detail so that you aren’t bearing much loss when you are cancelling the contract with them.

o   The point of contact in case of complaints and inquiries — Always remember, whether it’s for your commercial place or house cleaning in Auckland, do take all the contact details of the person to get in touch with when you have complaints or queries about their services. This saves you lots of hassle and problems later.

o   What are the areas that they cover in their cleaning job? — The norm is — you choose which areas you want the cleaning services for. But it’s always better to ask if they provide services for each and every corner of your commercial building. Some cleaning services do provide exterior cleaning and washing job while others only restrict their services to the indoors.

o   How often will your staff clean the areas? — If you want our suggestions, a commercial cleaning has to be done on a daily basis. But it totally depends upon the contract you are signing with the cleaning service providers on how many times in a week they will provide you this service. It is better that you discuss this matter in detail before signing the contract and hiring them for the job.

If you are getting all these queries answered before hiring professional cleaners for your commercial property, the chances of having issues with them later are very low. Obviously, this means seamless work experience in a clean environment.