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Since last year, the workplaces received the most drastic blow because they were almost closed during this pandemic time. But now since you are opening slowly and gradually, it is very important that you follow all the protocols to remain safe in your workplace vicinity. We’re sure even your office staff is quite frightened coming back to work again in such a situation. But as work needs to go on, there are some things to keep in mind as well to ensure that the place is entirely safe and secure and sanitised for everyone to work together.  And especially for this, creating an office memo letter is required.

Ø  Things to include in your office memo for staff regarding cleanliness

 An office memo is basically a letter that you as an entrepreneur or a senior manager write to your staff about various rules and regulations or expectations from them in the workplace. But considering the urgency of the present situation, we suggest that you create a separate memo especially for the guidelines to be followed during this pandemic time by the entire staff. Though you’ll have to hire a professional and best team of workers from Flash Cleaning for commercial cleaning, there are certain things that your staff has to do as well. Indeed, these cleaners are definitely going to keep your workplace all shining, clean, and even sanitised, but you should still include these pointers in your memo for better safety and cleanliness in your workplace.

o   Throwing the waste in the bin — We know it seems silly to guide your employees about this small step, but this is important if you want your office to always stay clean. Just remind them once again that they are expected to throw all their waste papers and other garbage in the dustbin which will later be emptied by the janitors.

o   Keeping the table and cabins decluttered — Your employees should be asked to clear and declutter their office tables and cabins at all costs. This prevents dirt accumulation and germ build-up apart from keeping the space organised and functional.

o   Using sanitisers regularly — Apart from the cleanliness of the office, ensure to remind your workers that their personal cleanliness is important too. You’ll have to provide them with sanitizers and guide them to use these very often. Also washing their hands regularly should also be listed in the office memo without fail.

o   Using the doormats before entering the office — You will also have to guide your employees about using the doormats kept at the entrance. This will prevent the stains and germs on your carpet (not to mention the stench) and improve the air quality of your workplace. Apart from listing this rule in your office memo, also keep in mind to hire the carpet cleaners in Auckland at regular intervals to ensure better cleanliness and hygiene in the office.

These instructions are important to include in your office memo without fail. Also, remember to be a bit strict and very persistent about adhering to these rules. Only after this, you’ll have a clean and safe ambience in your office.