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Food stains, wine stains, pet stains, dust, and whatnot. Carpet can get very dirty, and every homeowner needs their carpet cleaned every once in a while, including you.

And while you are at it, it is a good idea to book professional carpet cleaners to get the job done. To avoid any accidents and make sure everything goes smoothly, you need to thoroughly prepare your house before the carpet cleaners in Auckland team arrives. And look, we understand that the thought of cleaning everything and making sure everything goes as planned can get a little overwhelming.

But don’t worry; the points written below will help you navigate this process and give you a guideline to follow. With that being said, let’s directly jump into it.

Clear out a parking spot

First things first, when the carpet cleaning crew arrives, it’s obvious that they will have to bring their cleaning equipment in a truck or a van. Make sure you empty the parking spot closest to the main gate of the house for the ease of bringing the equipment into the house.

Keep stains and spots in mind.

It would be a good practice to make a note of all the spots that need special attention. Knowing where the stains are and if there is any carpet damage can be beneficial to the efficiency of the process. You can communicate that with the technician before the work starts so that they can attend to those areas and keep any special chemicals or equipment ready to take care of those stains and carpet damage.

Tidy up the carpet

Clean out the carpet in advance. You must also ensure that there are no small objects lying around that might get sucked into the equipment. The suction of professional cleaning equipment is very strong, so you might wanna keep Kid’s toys, books, or any other precious item safe just to ensure you move them to a safer place.

Keep pets’ and kids’ safety in mind.

Pets are great and lovely, and the carpet cleaning team would probably love them, but unfortunately, your pets might not feel the same about them. A hose leading to the machine might require the door to be kept open, which increases the risk of pets and children running away, and there are only so many things you can worry about at once. To avoid unnecessary stress, it’s best to remove children and pets from the situation and set up a safe space for them.

Relocate small furniture

Do you have small tables, chairs, or anything that is easy to move? It’s best to temporarily move them to another spot until after the cleaning process is complete. The crew can move those for you, but it would be more efficient to start the process as soon as they arrive without having to take care of the furniture first.

The Takeaway

This is pretty much everything that you need to know before the carpet cleaning team arrives. One more thing you can do is contact your carpet cleaning service provider and directly ask them for any tips that would help make the process much smoother.