End Of Tenancy

Are you planning to move out from your place?
Looking for a trusted end-of-tenancy cleaning service in Auckland?
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We understand that people have budget constraints, especially when they are moving out, which is why, we have designed our services in such a way that not only we offer A-grade end-of-tenancy cleaning services, but also fit all types of customer budgets.

The following reasons prove that hiring a cleaning service is better than doing it yourself:

1.Saves time
2.Live freely and stay stress-free

3. Experience and expertise is always better

4. High quality products & equipment are a necessity

5. Guaranteed good cleaning experience
6. Get 100% deposit back because it eliminates the risk of any damage to the property

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Why Choose Us for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Auckland

End-of-tenancy cleaning is a task, and hiring a professional service is your best option.

Flash Cleaning takes pride in stating that we have a track record of 100% satisfied customers; backed by their positive reviews and our amazing portfolio.
All our professionals have years of industry experience and are equipped with the best equipment in the market to ensure a tidy place and help you get 100% of your deposit back.

Hire Flash Cleaning to avoid any hassles in doing it yourself and our affordable rates will help you save time & money on cleaning your place. We focus on customer satisfaction with the help of our amazing services to build long-term relations with them and always leave behind a happy customer.

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After Party Cleaning

Are you hosting a party tonight? Call us now!
No matter how careful you are or how planned your party is, a messy house is a necessary evil. You seriously cannot have fun with your friends and colleagues, if you are too concerned about the mess that your house will be after it. Yes, taking care of your showpieces and furniture is a must, but it is next to impossible to not have a mess after an amazing party.

Why worry about after-party mess, when you can hire Flash Cleaning for after-party cleaning services in Auckland? We are always here to cater to all your requirements with utmost professionalism and assured satisfaction.
Hire our amazing cleaning services at affordable rates now!

Contact After-Party Cleaning Services for Your Party

Don’t think twice before choosing us for after-party cleaning services because our years of experience and qualified professionals assures to provide you a clean & tidy place after an amazing party. Your place will look exactly like the time before the party (only a little cleaner).

Contact Flash Cleaning immediately to book our services for your party. We assure to make your place beautiful again for another amazing party. Don’t hesitate to be the host every time because we are always here to clean up the after-party mess at pocket-friendly prices. Our professionals always ensure a satisfied customer and a clean place, no matter how wild the house-party was.

Hire our efficient and experienced professionals to properly clean up your after-party mess now!

It’s Quick and Easy to Book After-Party Cleaning Services with Flash Cleaning

The quickest after-party cleaning services in town; hire Flash Cleaning now and tidy-up your place right away!

If you are looking for reliable and trusted cleaning services, then stop searching. Flash Cleaning is here to provide you with amazing cleaning services at really attractive rates now!

Hiring a cleaning company is no longer a hassle because Flash Cleaning has made it easier and faster. You can hire us with utmost ease and we even provide our services to same day appointments. Yes, you heard it right! You can call us right after your party and our professionals will reach your place in no time to provide you with an after-party cleaning experience like no other.

Hire Flash Cleaning for your after-party cleaning requirements now to experience the best cleaning services in town!

One Off Cleaning

With Flash Cleaning, you do not have to bind yourself in a long-term cleaning contract. If you want one-off cleaning for your home or office, we can come forward to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

We are the go-to facility for one off house cleaning in Auckland for several great reasons: we are locally owned and operated, which means we value our customers more than merely raking in profits. Secondly, we are flexible to work around any schedule or budget. Thirdly, we charge a reasonable service fee for one-off cleaning needs as opposed to the industry’s norms.

We ensure utmost transparency between the customer and the company so that there is no confusion or unpleasant surprises.

Contact Us Today for One Off House Cleaning Services

If you live in Auckland and require one-off cleaning the same day or over the weekend, feel free to contact us. Basis your requirements and the amount of cleaning that is to be done, we will send out a professional to get your home cleaned and disinfected until the next time.

Professional cleaning services save time and hassles. And if you opt for our regular cleaning services, we can offer attractive discounts on every clean. Do you have a cleaning requirement that we can help with? Whether it’s end of lease cleaning or spring cleaning, Flash Cleaning is willing and able to help.

Call us today to get a free price quote.

Contract Cleaning

Flash Cleaning subcontracts to Real Estate Agencies and Strata Title Management for regular or one-off cleaning around homes and commercial premises. Being an experienced contract cleaning facility in Auckland, we are trusted by businesses and homeowners alike.

We do not bind our clients in long-term contracts, rather we focus on building long-term relationship with them. That being said, we make sure their cleaning requirements are met without fail and within the specified budget. We maintain a fleet of commercial-grade equipment, especially for carpet and upholstery cleaning, so that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

If you have a service-related query or want a free price quote, feel free to get in touch with us.

Reliable Contract Cleaning Service

Flash Cleaning is a cleaning specialist that has been around in the business for over 10 years, and a name you can trust. We are passionate about what we do and keep customer-satisfaction on priority. We not only make promises but also go the extra mile to keep them. Our extensive and satisfied clientele is a testimony to the fact that we are looked up to for all types of cleaning contracts, no matter how big or complex.

Our professionals are fully insured, as well as trained to handle multiple cleaning jobs that demand exceptional skills and knowledge. We keep our fleet of cleaning equipment up to date to provide our clients the best service money can buy.

Regular Cleaning

We provide professional cleaning for both newly constructed & renovated buildings. Whether it is vacuuming, dusting, mopping or even a general clean, we will have any new or freshly renovated building looking immaculate.

Office Cleaning

Apart from having a great many products and services in store for you, we at Flash Cleaning are one of the best and most professional services when it comes to office cleaning. We happen to have a variety of services across the board for both renovated as well as newly constructed buildings.

Rest assured that all of our cleaning services are at the very highest standards of professionalism and we cater to anyone and everyone across the board. Do feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote.

Why Choose Us for Office Cleaning?

Not only do we at Flash Cleaning have a wide range of office cleaning services in store for you, but we have had years of experience in the field with satisfied and happy customers all across the board.

Regardless of the kind of service you desire – be it mopping, dusting or vacuuming, we are there to save the day for you. Once you call us, you can be sure that we will have any office building interiors looking as pristine and fresh as ever, all ready for you to move into.

Professional Office Cleaners In Auckland

We at Flash Cleaning have some of the most esteemed bunch of professionals on our team with years of experience and expertise in the field. Not only do we have an extensive list of satisfied customers over the years, but we do not rest until the problem you have called us for is taken care of thoroughly.

The moment you get in touch with us, you can be positive of the fact that we will do whatever it takes to solve the problem at the very earliest. Do give us a call today.

House Cleaning

Cleaning your entire house every day is not possible with such a busy routine that you follow. Between work and personal life, it’s really difficult to devote a couple of hours to cleaning your carpets or mopping floors.

Flash Cleaning can handle your cleaning chores so that you can enjoy quality time with your family or focus on other important things on the cards. Our cleaning techniques are superior to DIY methods, in terms of speed and effectiveness. Moreover, DIY methods are time-consuming and do not guarantee results that you want to see. So why waste time and efforts? Simply give us a call to book our house cleaning services in Auckland.

Residential Cleaning Service North Shore

Flash Cleaning is a renowned house cleaning company based in Auckland that can clean and disinfect your property to ensure a healthy environment for you and your family. We have been cleaning Auckland-wide homes and offices for over 10 years, giving our clients the most valuable service as and when required.

Our services are flexible to suit your schedule and budget. Simply let us know the day and time when you want us to clean. We’ll arrive fully equipped and determined to clean every nook and corner of your home until you are fully satisfied with the results. We do our bit to contribute towards environment by employing eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as techniques that minimize wastage and maximize results.

Why Hire Us for House Cleaning Services in Auckland

Flash Cleaning is your first point of contact for house cleaning in Auckland. We are big enough to handle cleaning requirements of any size and small enough to care for our clients. We have a team of local house cleaners that can travel to your home or office anywhere across Auckland and its surrounding areas.

We are just one phone call away and always ready to work around your schedule and budget. Feel free to tell us your requirements so that we can devise a cleaning package that’s apposite to your budget.

Commercial Cleaning

As your first choice in workplace cleaners, our team are highly trained and experienced to ensure that you are provided with first class professional cleaning. We understand the importance of making sure that your business looks its best, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering you a workplace that you can be proud of.

Builders Cleaning

Whether you are renovating or constructing a new home, your builders are going to leave heaps of clutter for you to clean. If you do not have time and energy to clean up after your builders, Flash Cleaning can come to your rescue. We offer intensive builders clean service in Auckland to make your newly renovated or constructed property ready for you to move in.

Cleaning around freshly renovated or painted properties is not only a difficult task to handle, but there are certain potential hazards which make the cleaning process all the more complicated. This is where our competence makes a difference. We can vacuum and mop floors, remove paint droppings and clean just about everything to leave a sparkling property exactly how you want it.

Although we offer fixed-price cleaning packages, we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs and budget preferences.

Builders Clean Company in Auckland

Flash Cleaning is a reputed builders clean company in Auckland that offers highly professional cleaners to clean up after painters, renovators, plasterers and builders in general. Being in the business for over 10 years, Flash Cleaning has become a trusted name in the cleaning industry, catering to properties of all sizes and types. When you want your property to be spotless after renovation, painting or any construction job, Flash Cleaning is the company you can count on.

All our work is insured and backed by ‘Maximum Customer Satisfaction’ guarantee. Our experts are happy to provide unlimited re-cleans until you are fully satisfied with the results.

In case you notice mildew buildup underneath your carpet, and the foul odour is making you sick; well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are chances your carpet is infected to the deepest depths. We can steam clean your carpet to bring it back from the brink and prevent further deterioration.

Stove Cleaning

At Flash Cleaning, we understand just how tough it is to clean your kitchen stove, especially on a day-to-day basis. We are here to completely take the burden of cleaning your own stove completely off your shoulders with our extensive list of products and services.

Not only is it pointless to attempt cleaning it on your own, but you will probably have to do it repeatedly due to lack of expertise. Hence, just sit back, relax and leave the hard work of cleaning to the real experts. Not only will we get the job done, but will also ensure that your stove looks as good as new.

Stove Cleaning Company in Auckland

We at Flash Cleaning pride ourselves on the fact that in Auckland, we are one of the best and most experienced stove cleaning services. Unlike a lot of other services out there, we take special care of each and every customer of ours and make sure that each and every one of their problems is completely taken care of.

Since the very beginning, we have set an extremely high standard of professionalism regarding all of our services and products across the board. We provide the best and the most top-notch stove cleaning services in Auckland.

Hire Stove Cleaning Experts in Auckland

Flash Cleaning happens to be one of the few services out there that have a wide range of stove cleaning services across the board. Our team of experts are thoroughly trained and effective in every possible regard and you can be sure that they will take care of each and every component of the stove cleaning, leaving it as spotless and pristine as the day it was purchased.

To know more about our services, please feel free to give us a call at the very earliest and we shall take things from there.