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Your house is a mess, you have limited time, and you are also worried about if the homeowner will return your security deposit or not – does it sound familiar? Often during shifting, owners thoroughly check the house before returning the deposit.

It’s time to get back all your security money and hand over the house in its best form with the help of professional end-of-tenancy cleaning. As you focus on packing, logistics, and moving out of the house, let the professionals leave the house spotlessly clean.

Here’s an essential guide or checklist for tenants on what needs to be done before handing over the keys to the owner:

Leave the house clean and avoid disputes

The tenant’s responsible for cleaning the house and ensuring general maintenance before leaving. Most of the rent agreements have mentioned that there will be a deduction in the security deposit if the tenant does not hand over the house in good condition. Tenants are expected to return the property in clean and good condition. A clean home reduces conflicts and ensures the landlord finds no reason to deduct the security refund amount.

Deep cleaning of the interiors

Many houses are fully furnished, and the owners provide all essentials. At the end of tenancy, professional cleaners use advanced equipment that helps with a thorough cleaning. This involves deep cleaning of the carpet, vacuuming the nook or corners of dust and dirt, wiping the surface, cleaning the appliances or equipment etc. The aim is to leave the property as hygienic as possible.

What needs your attention for a thorough cleaning?

Cleaning the space yourself is time-consuming, and you might miss essential details. Some areas need deep cleaning with the help of equipment and cleaning supplies. This makes it critical to contact professionals for the cleaning service. Here are the areas that need special attention always:

  • Kitchen – Professionals use advanced cleaning tools and supplies to wipe all the countertops, clean off the grime or grease, clear off the cabinets, and clean all the appliances. All the cabinets or drawers are checked for any accumulated dust or stains. Remember that kitchens can become quite dirty and tough to clean if you don’t have the necessary tools and skills, which is why pros are invaluable for this job.
  • Rooms – Cleaning the rooms goes beyond just sweeping and mopping. Ensure all carpets, rugs, corners of the sofa, and upholstery are vacuumed and removed from the dust. Cleaners are thoroughly clean windows, glass doors, wash curtains, and gaps within the window or glass doors to leave no trace of dust.
  • Bathrooms – Make sure the tiles or floors are scrubbed, grout is cleaned, and all the sanitary wares are sanitised. Professionals use advanced machines to polish the floors, scour the fixtures, wash the bathtubs, clean the basics, and ensure the bathroom looks fresh and new.

Professional cleaners pay attention to every detail and ensure the house is spotlessly clean. Handing over a clean place to the owner prevents disputes and ensures you get 100% of the deposit amount.