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You may prefer your carpets made from natural fibers for how they feel underfoot. A luxurious covering crafted by expert artisans entails considerations like the type of fibre and carpet backing. But no matter the vendor or expense, clean rugs are non-negotiable for the beauty and health of your home.

Since stains, dust, foul odour, or wear and tear are inevitable with carpeting, one must look for a solution with expert consultation about what works best for your covering and home. Although there are different types of machines and chemicals available, one needs the training and knowledge of professionals for a satisfactory job.

Some carpets look fine but insidiously cause allergies and respiratory problems. Vacuuming alone can’t solve the problem, and the residents may still experience difficulties with breathing. Hence, it is important to take professional help for cleaning your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning in Auckland ensure that carpets are first examined for a suitable treatment plan and then cleaned professionally for a satisfactory outcome. The professionals use their training and knowledge to achieve the best result possible without causing damage. Their focus on quality develops some repeat and loyal customers.

Studies show that cross-contamination is the easiest and most common way of infecting an area while cleaning. One must avoid activities, like walking, that might transfer soil, dirt, or stains to the newly cleaned carpets. So to keep your carpets in the best shape and prevent posing a threat to the health of residents and visitors, hire a well-equipped cleaning company that’ll ask you to wait for a few hours. Read ahead to know when you can tread freely.

1. When completely dry

Carpet cleaning is futile if not left to dry for at least a few hours. If you’re a DIY enthusiast planning to let the rugs air dry, please drop the idea! Why? It creates a favourable environment for mould growth and may cause permanent damage. Going bare feet doesn’t help either because the sweat glands transfer moisture that gets absorbed into the fibers, which in turn traps soil and debris.

Prevent the above complications by hiring a reputed carpet cleaning company because their industry-grade equipment and preventive measures for cross-contamination are up-to-date. It is in the best interest of a service provider to prepare their staff for an assignment with safety footwear and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Some organisations provide their clients with a consent form that they’re expected to read and sign upon agreement. The contract might allow the team to restrict or prohibit entry into cleaning premises. Cleaning professionals ensure this understanding to maintain a favourable work environment for desired results, good feedback, and customer satisfaction.

The onus is on the users to stay off the newly cleaned carpets. The waiting period for walking on them can be between 6 to 24 hours and vary based on fabric and carpeting.

2. After steam vacuuming

While drying can’t happen overnight, DIY enthusiasts should forget about opening windows. They should instead turn on all fans or dehumidifiers to speed up the process slightly. Come what may, they must prevent ruining the clean rugs.

If you live in an apartment complex and are in a dearth of space to dry the carpets when wet, let the cleaning experts do the needful. Professionals use their training to find a solution. They may have to use a steam vacuum as a last resort.

Microorganisms live and breed in between carpet fibers. Steam vacuuming while drying the carpet at high temperatures also kills germs and pathogens invisible to the naked eye. The penultimate chapter in this process works best when paired with sunlight which naturally destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

3. After checking for dampness

No carpet company or vendor specifies drying duration. It’s ultimately a user’s responsibility to keep track of the time and look for signs of dampness. Keep reading to learn tips for checking:

  • The easiest way to check for dampness is by gently pressing your fingertips against the suspected area. If they come out wet, it must be due to some residual moisture in the carpet fibers.
  • If the carpet covers a big area and checking by touch is problematic, be observant and look for irregularities of colour. You can compare any post-cleanup tone change with the original and determine dampness.
  • Finally, use your olfactory lobes to identify any musty or mouldy smell. Although very common in nature, such odour may be problematic in the long run.

Come what may, be extremely careful when moving from carpet to the uncovered floor area. Dampness may make it difficult to walk without slipping. Also, try keeping children and pets away from the freshly cleaned premises.


Think twice before deciding to go shopping for cleaning supplies and instruments. Do you want to scrape out time from your busy schedule to read up on and watch videos about carpet cleaning? No matter the research and development, you’d still lack the experience and training acquired by professionals. So focus on your area of expertise and leave the disinfecting and cleansing to the experts.